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Scariest¡­the scariest thing¡­hooded black figures¡­cold¡­screaming¡­

¡°Oh, Ron, please let's move, they're going to do it!¡± Hermione breathed.

¡°Oh ¡ª yeah ¡ª¡± said Harry, quickly forcing his thoughts back to that first broom ride. ¡°Expecto patrono ¡ª no, patronum ¡ª sorry ¡ª expecto patronum, expecto patronum¡±

¡°We ¡ª we've been taking good care of him!¡± said Ron.

Harry got through the next three days by forcing himself to think about his Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare whenever Aunt Marge started on him. This worked quite well, though it seemed to give him a glazed look, because Aunt Marge started voicing the opinion that he was mentally subnormal.

Harry sank his head into his hands, thinking.

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