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¡°How did you do that?¡± said Ron.

¡°I thought it was my dad who'd conjured my Patronus. I mean, when I saw myself across the lake ¡­ I thought I was seeing him.¡±

¡°What?¡± said Harry, looking from one to the other.

¡°Laughed,¡± said Stan. ¡°Jus¡¯ stood there an¡¯ laughed. An¡¯ when reinforcements from the Ministry of Magic got there, ¡®e went wiv em quiet as anyfink, still laughing ¡®is ¡®ead off. ¡®Cos ¡®e's mad, inee, Ern? Inee mad?¡±

¡°Really ¡ª they'll wake everybody up! What do they think they're doing?¡±

¡°Don't be ridiculous, Weasley, how could he possibly have gotten through the portrait hole?¡±

When Ron and Hermione had paid for all their sweets, the three of them left Honeydukes for the blizzard outside.

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