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¡°There, now, Minerva,¡± said Fudge kindly, ¡°Pettigrew died a hero's death. Eyewitnesses ¡ª Muggles, of course, we wiped their memories later ¡ª told us how Pettigrew cornered Black. They say he was sobbing, ¡®Lily and James, Sirius! How could you?¡¯ And then he went for his wand. Well, of course, Black was quicker. Blew Pettigrew to smithereens¡­.¡±

¡°And the hand!¡± said Dean, waving his own around.

¡°No,¡± said Harry blankly.

There was a howl and a rumbling growl; Harry turned to see the werewolf taking flight; it was galloping into the forest ¡ª

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