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Harry felt a nasty pang of guilt. He had completely forgotten that Buckbeak's trial was so near, and judging by the uneasy look on Ron's face, he had too. They had also forgotten their promise about helping him prepare Buckbeak's defense; the arrival of the Firebolt had driven it clean out of their minds.

¡°This is our last chance ¡ª my last chance ¡ª to win the Quidditch Cup,¡± he told them, striding up and down in front of them. ¡°I'll be leaving at the end of this year. I'll never get another shot at it.¡±

Neville went scarlet. Harry glared at Snape; it was bad enough that he bullied Neville in his own classes, let alone doing it in front of other teachers.

¡°Marge'll be here for a week,¡± Uncle Vernon snarled, ¡°and while we're on the subject,¡± he pointed a fat finger threateningly at Harry, ¡°we need to get a few things straight before I go and collect her.¡±

Bye ¡ª Ron

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