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¡°Innocent, but scared!¡± squealed Pettigrew. ¡°If Voldemort's supporters were after me, it was because I put one of their best men in Azkaban ¡ª the spy, Sirius Black!¡±

¡°If you made a better rat than a human, it's not much to boast about, Peter,¡± said Black harshly. Ron, going still paler with pain, wrenched his broken leg out of Pettigrew's reach. Pettigrew turned on his knees, staggered forward, and seized the hem of Hermione's robes.

¡°Ah, Severus,¡± said Lupin, smiling. ¡°Thanks very much. Could you leave it here on the desk for me?¡±

¡°What are you talking about, Malfoy?¡± said Ron roughly.

¡°Because Black's not worth dying for,¡± said Ron.

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