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¡°Ask her now,¡± Ron hissed at Harry.

There was a sound of heavy footsteps, then the door creaked open. Hagrid stood there with his eyes red and swollen, tears splashing down the front of his leather vest.

¡°Alas, if only we had,¡± said Fudge bitterly. ¡°It was not we who found him. It was little Peter Pettigrew ¡ª another of the Potters¡¯ friends. Maddened by grief, no doubt, and knowing that Black had been the Potters¡¯ Secret-Keeper, he went after Black himself.¡±

Professor McGonagall looked down and began shuffling papers on her desk.

Harry stared up into the grave face and felt as though the ground beneath him were falling sharply away. He had grown used to the idea that Dumbledore could solve anything. He had expected Dumbledore to pull some amazing solution out of the air. But no ¡­ their last hope was gone.

¡°How did you get this?¡± Lupin asked Black, thunderstruck.

Harry suddenly realized that there were tears on his face mingling with the sweat. He bent his face as low as possible, wiping them off on his robes, pretending to do up his shoelace, so that Lupin wouldn't see.

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