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¡°Harry!¡± Ron said, stumbling forward and staring hopelessly at the point where Harry had disappeared, ¡°you'd better run for it! If Malfoy tells anyone ¡ª you'd better get back to the castle, quick ¡ª¡±

¡°Hermione ¡ª what'll happen ¡ª if we don't get back inside before Dumbledore locks the door?¡± Harry panted.

Pettigrew was still wheezing behind him.

There was a look of suppressed triumph about him. Harry tried to look innocent, all too aware of his sweaty face and his muddy hands, which he quickly hid in his pockets.

¡°There's nothing you can do!¡± said Hermione, looking stricken. ¡°The Dementors will catch Black and he'll go back to Azkaban and ¡ª and serve him right!¡±

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