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^Anyone? ̄ Snape said, ignoring Hermione. His twisted smile was back. ^Are you telling me that Professor Lupin hasn't even taught you the basic distinction between ! ̄

^What? ̄ said Harry. ^No, we weren't! ̄

Black made a startled movement that almost dislodged Crookshanks; Harry gripped his wand convulsively ! Do it now! said a voice in his head ! but the footsteps were thundering up the stairs and Harry still hadn't done it.

The school owls swooped into the Great Hall carrying the mail as usual, and Neville choked as a huge barn owl landed in front of him, a scarlet envelope clutched in its beak. Harry and Ron, who were sitting opposite him, recognized the letter as a Howler at once ! Ron had got one from his mother the year before.

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