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¡°I wish I could say that he was,¡± said Fudge slowly. ¡°I certainly believe his master's defeat unhinged him for a while. The murder of Pettigrew and all those Muggles was the action of a cornered and desperate man ¡ª cruel¡­ pointless. Yet I met Black on my last inspection of Azkaban. You know, most of the prisoners in there sit muttering to themselves in the dark; there's no sense in them¡­but I was shocked at how normal Black seemed. He spoke quite rationally to me. It was unnerving. You'd have thought he was merely bored ¡ª asked if I'd finished with my newspaper, cool as you please, said he missed doing the crossword. Yes, I was astounded at how little effect the Dementors seemed to be having on him ¡ª and he was one of the most heavily guarded in the place, you know. Dementors outside his door day and night.¡±

¡°So?¡± snapped Uncle Vernon, taking his car keys from a hook next to the door.

¡°You want to set a better example for your sister!¡± snapped Mrs. Weasley.

¡°Well, really, I had to, don't you know,¡± said an irritable Fudge. ¡°Black is mad. He's a danger to anyone who crosses him, magic or Muggle. I have the Prime Minister's assurance that he will not breathe a word of Black's true identity to anyone. And let's face it ¡ª who'd believe him if he did?¡±

¡°We'd better get them up to the castle and tell someone,¡± said Harry, pushing his hair out of his eyes, trying to think straight. ¡°Come ¡ª¡±

Madam Rosmerta let out a long sigh.

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