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Harry was staring at his plate, a funny ringing in his ears. Grasp your broom firmly by the tail, he thought. But he couldn't remember what came next. Aunt Marge's voice seemed to be boring into him like one of Uncle Vernon's drills.

¡°What ¡ª how ¡ª Hermione, what happened?¡±

¡°HOW DARE YOU GIVE THIS NUMBER TO PEOPLE LIKE ¡ª PEOPLE LIKE YOU!¡± Uncle Vernon had roared, spraying Harry with spit.

¡°Marge!¡± squealed Aunt Petunia. ¡°Marge, are you all right?¡±

¡°It's us,¡± Harry hissed. ¡°We're wearing the Invisibility Cloak. Let us in and we can take it off.¡±

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