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¡°What was that?¡± said Madam Pomfrey in alarm.

¡°Harry! I forgot you weren't going to Hogsmeade either!¡±

¡°She's in a righ¡¯ state, that's what. She's bin comin¡¯ down ter visit me a lot since Chris'mas. Bin feelin¡¯ lonely. Firs¡¯ yeh weren¡¯ talking to her because o¡¯ the Firebolt, now yer not talkin¡¯ to her because her cat ¡ª¡±

¡°You know that the Dementors have searched the whole village twice?¡± said Madam Rosmerta, a slight edge to her voice. ¡°Scared all my customers away¡­It's very bad for business, Minister.¡±

Harry's brain seemed to be sagging under the weight of what he was hearing. It was absurd¡­and yet¡­

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