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Harry found his own leg and gave it a very hard pinch. It hurt a lot, which seemed to rule out the possibility that he was having a very bizarre dream.

^What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed? ̄ said Black, with a terrible fury in his face. ^Only innocent lives, Peter! ̄

     *     *     *     *     *     *

^See? ̄ Hermione whispered. ^See what would have happened? We've got to keep out of sight! No, Buckbeak! ̄

On the threshold stood Aunt Marge. She was very like Uncle Vernon: large, beefy, and purple-faced, she even had a mustache, though not as bushy as his. In one hand she held an enormous suitcase, and tucked under the other was an old and evil-tempered bulldog.

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