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Neville was pink and trembling. He looked as though he was on the verge of tears.

Nobody at Hogwarts now knew the truth of what had happened the night that Sirius, Buckbeak, and Pettigrew had vanished except Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Professor Dumbledore. As the end of term approached, Harry heard many different theories about what had really happened, but none of them came close to the truth.

¡°But what do you think he's broken out to do?¡± said Madam Rosmerta. ¡°Good gracious, Minister, he isn't trying to rejoin You-Know-Who, is he?¡±

¡°You gave Mr. Malfoy quite a fright,¡± said Lupin.

He opened his eyes.

¡°Oh yes,¡± said Fred, smirking. ¡°This little beauty's taught us more than all the teachers in this school.¡±

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